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Spa Manicure
Spa Manicure Spa Manicure
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Classic Manicure
Soak hands in warm water, nail shape & file, cuticle maintenance, massage & polish of your choice.
Deluxe Manicure
An upgrade from our manicure with an exfoliating sugar scrub that removes dead skin & a moisturizing paraffin treatment to soften hands, hot towel service w/extended arm & hand massage.
Collagen Manicure
An all-natural upgrade of our classic manicure w/enriching collagen lotion to soften & rejuvenate skin, hot towel wrap. collagen enriched gloves w/ vitamins & UV protection.
Spa Pedicure
Spa Pedicure Spa Pedicure
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Express Pedicure
A perfect treatment for those with a hectic schedule. It covers the vital steps to well-maintained feet. Sit back and relax while our express pedicure soothes, deodorizes, and comforts your feet. The package includes:
• Cutting, trimming, nails shaping and cuticle treatment
• Foot scrub
• Callus removal
•Lotion Massage
• Hot towel and regular polish of your choice
Deluxe Spa Pedicure
Pamper and enjoy yourself with our premium pedicure! Our Deluxe Spa Pedicure is the ultimate overhaul for your feet. It is sure to put the bounce back in your step. The package includes:
• Express Pedicure
• Hot stones with polish of your choice
* Pick choice of scents*
Organic Spa Pedicure
All-natural antioxidant spa pedicure Includes:
Relief sore feet with dead sea salt soak, exfoliating dead skin cells with a natural sugar scrub, promotes skin elasticity with a natural mask, balance skin appearance with natural I lotion, Improves blood circulation, and relieves muscles tension with hot stone massage, hot towel wraps, paraffin wax, finish with the polish of your choice.
* Pick your choice of Scents*
Collagen Pedicure
Promotes Skin Elasticity, Reduce Wrinkles, Boost Skin Hydration, Work to Reverse skin. An all-natural antioxidant pedicure: Relax your feet in warm water w/ sea salt soak, remove dry & dead skin cells w/ exfoliation scrub, purify your legs w/natural mask, soften & rejuvenate skin w/ enriching collagen lotion, improves blood circulation with w/a foot massage, hot towel wraps, socks enriched w/ collagen Vitamins & UV protection, paraffin wax, finish w/polish of choice.
*Pick a choice of Scents*
Jelly Spa Pedicure
A unique & amazing gelatinous texture pedicure that retains heat, soothes aching muscles alleviates joint pain. The Jelly also acts as a gentle exfoliant while the aromatic natural oils soften the skin & relaxes the mind & body. Benefits: Moisturizing, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-aging, Revitalize. Includes hot stones, massage hydration, paraffin wax, hot towels, finish w/ the polish of choice.
* Pick a choice of scents *
Blush Signature Pedicure
The Gold spa is the symbol of wealth, well-being, strength, and warmth. More than 4000 years ago, the Egyptians already knew of the positive effect of the treasured precious metal on the body and soul. This pedicure is rich in anti-aging and antioxidant properties with powderful healing benefits. it heals the skin from within and strengthens yours immune system. Sit back and relax while gold's precious ingredients soothe, deodorize and comfort your feet. You can feel your beautiful and silky skin right after this premium treatment.

The package includes:
Gold Mystique-Gold Soak Powder
Gold Mystique-Gold Scrub
Gold Mystique-Gold Gel Mask
Gold Mystique-Gold Massage Cream
Gold Mystique-Gold Body Butter

Hot Stone Massage: is an effective method for stress relief increased joint flexibility, decreased muscle spasms and tension, and better sleep.
Paraffin Treatment: helps boost the moisture levels of the skin after the treatment is complete with the hot towels.
Nail Enhancements
Nail Enhancements Nail Enhancements
Acrylic Nails
Full Set
$35 & Up
Fill Out
$25 & Up
Pink & White Set
$55 & Up
Pink White Fill
$45 & Up
Ombre Full Set
$55 & Up
Ombre Fill
$45 & Up
White Tip Set
$40 & Up
UV Liquid Gel
Full set
$50 & up
$40 & up
Gel Extensions (Gel X)
$55 & up
Nexgen/ Dip Powder
$45 & up
Pink & white
$50 & up
$55 & up
Additional Services
Polish Change Hands/ Toes
Gel Polish Change Hands/ Toes
Paraffin Wax Hand/ Feet
$6/ $8
Gel Polish Add-On Service
Acrylic/ Dip/ Gel Removal
Nail Shape
Extra Length
$5 & Up
Design (Per Nail)
$5 & Up
French American
Cat Eyes/Chrome
Extra Massage
$1/ Minute
Waxing Waxing
$10 & up
Full Face
$35 & up
Full Legs
$50 & up
Half Legs
$35 & up
$25 & up
Under Arm
$25 & up
$45 & up
$35 & up
$45 & up
Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash Extensions Eyelash Extensions
Full Set
Mega Volume
Weekly Fill
2 weeks (classic/volume/mega volume)
3 weeks (classic/volume/mega volume)
4 weeks (classic/volume/mega volume)
$50 & up
Kids Zone
Kids Zone Kids Zone
(10 & Under)
Mini Pedicure
Mini Manicure
Hands/Toes Polish
Add gel polish
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